Logic Control Panel TS 981

Logic Control Panel TS 981

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Logic Control Panel TS 981
• Suitable for GfA Operators with Digital Limit Switches (DES)
• UP to 3.0 kW Motor Power
• Protection Class IP64 with Direct Connection
• Supply voltage: 1x230V/N/PE; 3x230V/PE; 3x415V/N/PE; 3x415V/PE Control voltage 24V DC
• Integrated OPEN-STOP-CLOSE push-button
• Adjustment settings via selector switch with 7-segment display.
• Plug-in connections for ELEKTROMATEN
• Automatic safety-edge detection
• Automatic closing feature adjustable from1 to 240 seconds
• Automatic ground adjustment
• Operations cycle counter
• Maintenance indicator, Adjustment range: 1,000 to 99,000 cycles
• For full function and feature details refer to our Product Catalogue


TS 981 | Manual
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